Beginners PHP

Beginners PHP

This is a complete and free PHP programming course for beginners. 
Everything you need to get started is set out in section one below.

Chapter 1 Introduction to PHP...

PHP Chapter 2

PHP Chapter 3 (Conditional Logic)

PHP Chapter 4 (Working with HTML Forms)

PHP Chapter 5 (Programming Loops)

PHP Chapter 6 (Arrays in PHP)

PHP Chapter 7 (String Manipulation)

PHP Chapter 8 (Create your own Functions)

PHP Chapter 9 (Security Issues)

PHP Chapter 10 (Working With Files In PHP)

PHP Chapter 11 (Date and Time Functions in PHP)

PHP Chapter 12 ( PHP and MySQL)

PHP Chapter 13 (Manipulate a MySQL Database)

PHP Walkthrough One - PHP User Authentication

PHP Walkthrough Two - Build your own PHP Survey/Poll Application

PHP Walkthrough Three - How to Build an Online Forum: the database

PHP Walkthrough Four - The Code for the Forum

Download the PHP Course Files