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Integrate Bootstrap Template With Laravel 5.5

Integrate Bootstrap Template With Laravel 5.5 Creating the layout is an important part of any project. Realizing this, Laravel comes with Blade templating engine which generates HTML based sleek designs and templates. All Laravel views built using Blade are located in resources/views. Bootstrap is well known in the development circles for impressive design options. Laravel makes it incredibly easy to use Bootstrap templates in project’s views. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how Bootstrap templates could be used within Laravel Blade engine. Integrating Bootstrap template with Laravel is a simple process. All you need to do is cut your HTML Bootstrap into tiny Blade template contents, and then use, extend and/or include the templates in the main Blade file. To demonstrate the process, I will use  Album Example For Bootstrap A simple prerequisite is a fresh installation of Laravel 5.5. Create Layout File Now let’s take a look at the code of the template page and identify the diffe…

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