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The New Features And Upgrades In Laravel 5.6

The New Features And Upgrades In Laravel 5.6 One of the highlights of this year’s Laracon was the announcement of Laravel 5.6, the much awaited new version of the framework. This version comes with a host of improvements and builds on the successes of the previous versions. In this article, I will discuss the major highlights of Laravel 5.6, particularly New Blade DirectivesLogging ImprovementsSingle Server Task SchedulingDynamic Rate LimitingBroadcast Channel ClassesAPI Controller GenerationEloquent Date CastingArgon2 Password HashingUUID MethodsBootstrap 4 New Blade Directives Laravel 5.6 have two new form directives Cross-site scriptingHTTP method input 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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