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Create Live Search In Laravel Using AJAX

Create Live Search In Laravel Using AJAX In today’s article, I will demonstrate the process of creating a live search in Laravel and AJAX. Whether you have a blog or an ecommerce store, a search bar is always an essential component of the UI. However, the days of simple search bar is over. These days, a live search bar is much more efficient than a simple search bar because it displays similar content in real time. This increases the chance of landing a sale because the customer could see the largest selection of related products. To demonstrate the full capabilities of a live search bar, I will create a product table and the search bar will carry out a live search through the product titles and display all the related content. Prerequisites Before proceeding forward, I assume you have a Laravel application installed on a web server. For the purpose of this article, I am using: Linux/Unix or WAMP/XAMPP environmentLaravel 5.5PHP 7.1MySQLWeb server (Apache, NGINX or integrated PHP web s…

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