HTML and HTML5 Form tags

HTML Form Tags

   Main Form Tags   Comments
FormCreate a HTML form
NameAdd a name for your form
MethodSelect a method, GET or POST
ActionSay where the form should be sent
InputCreate a HTML form element
TypeSelect a type of form element
LabelAdd a label for a form element
ValueA value for your form elements

HTML Form Elements

   Input Types   Comments
ButtonCreate a clickable button
CheckboxCreate a checkbox
HiddenCreate a hidden form element
ImageSpecify an image to be used as a button
PasswordSet up a password box
RadioCreate a radio/option button
ResetCreate a reset button
SubmitCreate a submit button for your forms
TextCreate a text box

HTML5 Form Elements and Attributes

HTML5 Form ElementsComments and Options
PlaceholderPlaceholder text
RequiredRequire an element to be filled in
EmailEmail text box
URLURL text box
NumberNumber spinners
RangeSliders with a range of numbers
Date/TimeDate and time textbox or calendar
SearchA search box
ColorColour picker
DatalistUsed with datalists are LIST, OPTION, VALUE, LABEL