HTML and HTML5 Table tags

HTML and HTML5 Tables

HTML and HTML5 Table tagsExplanation
TABLECreate a table
TRCreate a row in a table
TDCreate a cell in a table
THEADHTML5 Table header
TFOOTHTML5 Table footer
TBODYHTML5 Table body

HTML Table Attributes

   TABLE Attributes   Options
AlignLeft, Right, Center
ValignTop, Middle, Bottom
BackgroundThe location of an image
BorderA number for the border width
BgcolorA background colour for the table
CellpaddingA number that sets the space inside a table cell
CellspacingA number that sets the space between table cells
HeightThe height of a table or cell
ColspanThe number of columns you want to span
RowspanThe number of rows you want to span
WidthThe width of a table or cell