How to Create an Admin Panel | Best Practices & Tips

How to Create an Admin Panel | Best Practices & Tips

Admin Panel is one of the most important module of a Web or Mobile Application. Although application’s End user is nothing to do with it, still managing your application can be made easy if you have a powerful admin panel.
Companies demand rich featured Admin Panel to manipulate their App’s data & to follow their business metrics in a real time. They need reports to understand the users’ activities to take future decisions & constantly use to update data in their app.
In this Article, we’ll discuss the Best Practices & Tips for developing an Admin Panel & In the next Part, we’ll develop a very basic Admin Panel for Beginners.
At the start of this Article, I have already given a short introduction of Admin Panel & the importance of Admin Panel in an App. So we’ll start with the Tips.

Tips for Creating an Admin Panel

As we have already discussed, how important an Admin Panel could be for a team running an managing a business. Here are some Tips you should follow as a Developer while creating an for a powerful product.

Users & Roles Managment

Admin Panel shouldn’t have a signup Page. There must be a superuser or manager who should have the rights to create new Users and new Roles & then assign a role to a User.
Let say If you want to give access to one of your Admin to only Create a Task from your Admin Panel then rest of the menu options should not be visible to him.

Activity Logging

If an Admin Login to an Admin Panel and do some activities like create a new user, edit user detail or update settings then Activity Logs should be created and should be available for Superuser to see. These logs should have user’s Name or ID, IP Address from where he was Logged in & TimeStamp of each Activity.

Choose Performance over Personalization

Don’t waste your time designing the Interfaces from scratch. There are 1000+ Admin Panel Themes available & many of them are available for free, so choose the Template which best matches your requirements & maintain your focus on Performance & Features of your Admin Panel.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Your Dashboard should be Powerfull enough to give a complete summary of your Apps running in a real-time environment.

Chats, Graphs, Tables & Tiles make the Dashboards more Interactive & help to better understand your business.
You may have more than one Dashboard for different purpose of data to show.

Use a Powerful Framework

Don’t waste your time for implementing CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete), Choose a Framework that takes care of this for you. CRUD is a basic feature almost in every Admin Panel and many Frameworks offers to implement CRUD in a few clicks.

Security is Important

Last but not least, security of Admin Panel is really an Important Factor because If a Hacker or Unauthorized person gets your Admin Panel access then he can control your business completely.
So use well-known Framework & follow the best practices with multistep authentication & authorization for authorized Admins as well.