How to Perform SEO for Single Page Applications (SPA) – Understand All the Secrets Here

How to Perform SEO for Single Page Applications (SPA) – Understand All the Secrets Here

Over the previous couple of years, internet technology has taken an enormous leap. it's evolved quite drastically in each front and backend channels. Today, we've got totally different frameworks obtainable to figure on our desired domain. particularly in frontend, we've got an excellent range of choices to settle on from, as well as the specialised frameworks and libraries to figure with. 

Amongst this new generation of internet interfaces, single page websites ar trending currentlythey're simple to navigate, scroll and extremely interactive in style. But, the SEO of SPA web site isn't an easy method

As we know, building a extremely advanced application(s) is simply not all you'll get traffic with – you have got to showing intelligence sell furthermorenot like easy internet applications that use typical SEO techniques, there'splenty distinction once it involves one page websites. It demands specialised SEO techniques and explicit ways that to figure with. Let’s discuss them intimately.

What is one Page Application (SPA)?

A single page application could be a extremely interactive kind of trendy web site having the JavaScript poweredinterface. instead of loading a replacement page for each service, the one page web site combines all into one by dynamically redaction the present page. This facilitates the user to search out all the options / services on one page, avoiding disruptions and enhancing interactive user-experience for them.

Developers tend to use well-liked JavaScript frameworks as well as VueJS, AngularJS et alto make such quitewebsites. VueJS is a lot of common amongst the developers, as a result of it's comparatively simple and provides nice intrinsic options to make any advanced single page application.

Talking concerning the professionals

There ar several reasons why folks love single page stylethe foremost obvious one is that the simple accessing all web site content at one place. It helps users to navigate fleetly throughout the web site, as all the services aroutlined on one page, and needs no additional loading of any new page.

Considering the mobile friendliness, one page websites also are much better than multi-page websites. as a result of their style is responsive, and fits well with the smartphone screens. In fact, these single page websites ar a bespoken resolution for smartphone devices, as folks ar forever wanting to move with such applications that arquick and straightforward to navigate.

Talking concerning the CONS

Everything comes up with blessings and downsides. Same goes true with the only page applications. Though, they're simple to navigate and scroll, however need plenty of your time to load, that is one amongst the mostreasons of quick bouncing rate. as a result of the only page applications ar programmed in JavaScript, that's why they need a small amount of additional time to load on mobile/web browser.

Meanwhile, if you're victimisation Google Analytics to trace the traffic and performance of every web site page, it becomes tough for you to try and do a similar for single page applications. If Analytics is designed properly on SPA, you may get no insight concerning that content is playing well and that is losing users interest, quickly ending up lower engagement on the web site.

What is Googlebot it Sees Single Page Websites 

To crawl web site content and pages, Google deploys a novel travel tool known as Googlebot. It helps Google to gather information from the web site and build a searchable index for it within the programit's one amongst the most factors employed in web site SEO, and holds a big importance for ranking websites on search engines.

Usually, Googlebot indexes the page by rendering the HTML/CSS information. But, that becomes a small amounttotally different within the single page applications as all the frontend has been engineered up with VueJS or the other JavaScript framework.

In order to perform travel in VueJS applications, Googlebot deploys a special technique i.e running JavaScript on the page and execution mythical being calls. Moreover, it waits between 5-20 seconds before taking an attempt of every page. This advanced technique permits Googlebot to crawl single page applications properly. It indexes the content for SERPS and makes them viable for program optimisation.

The Basic problems with SEO in SPA Websites

Single page applications (SPAs) ar normally thought to be non-SEO friendly websites. Their basic drawback lies at intervals their JavaScript infrastructure. Because, Googlebot simply crawls those websites whose backend is in HTML/CSS, because it offers crawlers the convenience to render web site content.

Another juncture is that the web site page(s). it's a proven fact that program forever ranks the web site pages, not web site itself. The pages ar rigorously designed and written with explicit keywords, so they'll get desired ranking on search engines. The content of the page carries substantial volume of outlined keywords and few internal links, that permits program to rank those pages on explicit keywords.

But, as we all know just in case of SPAs, all the pages ar combined into one and there isn’t any separation between the content. As a result, it becomes simply a personal page for the complete application, heavily minimizing its possibilities to induce stratified on totally different keywords.

And once it involves interwoven, the SEO in SPA websites become a lot of worse. Since a high proportion of the inner links isn't a part of the hypertext markup language ASCII text file, the crawler could solely notice a restrictedrange of URLs. To access those URLs, crawlers should go the additional mile. The step within which they need to execute JavaScript to retrieve those links, that eventually causes delay for the search engines. 

Best Practices for SPA SEO

Fortunately, all isn't lost for the only page applications. There ar still some techniques, developers will use to optimize single page applications for program rankings. allow us to examine these techniques:

Server-Side Rendering

Server-side rendering (SSR) could be a method within which a web site page is rendered in line with the wants of the server request. It helps in rendering the web site pages and facilitates crawlers to index those pages.

To perform server-side rendering in single page applications, they have to be initial dead against a virtual DOM, that is later born-again into associate degree hypertext markup language string. That hypertext markup languagestring is then other to the page and is dead by the JavaScript to interchange the present content.

This way, server-side rendering helps in creating single page applications crawler-friendly, and permits the search engines to index them properly despite of their advanced JavaScript structure.


Pre-Rendering is sort of almost like Server-side rendering, except its pre-deployment rendering procedure. In Pre-Rendering, the rendering takes place before the project readying, not just like the Server-side rendering within which it's done on live servers.

To perform Pre-Rendering, you have got to initial run your single page application on any application like Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla etc. Then, you have got to require a photograph of your page output, and substitute the hypertext markup language files in line with it in response to the server request.

By victimisation Pre-Rendering, you neither got to trouble concerning having any production server nor concerning the stormy load on production server.

Other SEO Optimizations in SPA web siteURL

We advise you to possess SEO-friendly URLS for your web site. Same holds true for the only page applications. For higher results, we tend to advocate you to possess 2 address structures for your single page application, one ought to be the ID address and different ought to be the Slug address

The Slug address ought to be clearly outlined with the particular words separated by hyphens, and will not be a lot of difficult. It should contain all the relevant keywords that you wish to rank on, and will not exceed its mostlength.

Meta Tags

The page ought to embody all the necessary Meta tags like page title, description, canonical tags, HREFLANG etc. it's additionally suggested to render of these Meta tags directly into the ASCII text file of the page, so your server-side rendering will get a lot of stronger.

Internal Linking

All internal links should be placed at intervals the content and should be embedded with tags, so Googlebot willsimply crawl the complete page. it's additionally suggested to outline all the core guidance components at intervals the ASCII text file and should be placed on high of the page.

Final Words

Single page applications (SPAs) ar extremely interactive and distinctive in stylehowever do carry very littlelimitations in program optimisationthis text highlights all those problems that ar normally baby-faced by the users whereas optimizing any single page application for program ranking. It additionally offers a short account on some advanced SEO techniques, and the way to utilize those best practices of SEO in SPA websites.

If you continue to have some a lot of queries concerning this text, or wish to contribute your suggestions, be at liberty to post them within the comments section below.