Top 30 Coding Podcasts For Developers to Follow in 2019

Top 30 Coding Podcasts For Developers to Follow in 2019

PHP powers more than 80% of the web applications. It gives developers an ease to build even complex applications effortlessly. Today, many known CMS platforms use PHP as their backend language, because of its simple and user-friendly infrastructure.
There are many online sources available on the web which offer basic to advanced PHP learning courses. Yet among those channels, the newest and most innovative is the ‘Podcast’.
The reason why coding podcasts are getting so much popular among the dev millennials is its live broadcast and interaction with the listeners. It allows users to attend live Q&A session with the podcast host, giving them a perfect source to know and learn about all the latest happenings in the industry.
This time around, we have compiled below some of the most listened podcasting channels in the dev market, which has millions of subscribers and listeners to the weekly episodes. Let’s take a look at all of them below:

PHP Internals

php internal
Owned by Derick Rethans, PHP Internals is one of the most followed PHP podcasts in the dev community. The host shares some of the most common PHP issues faced by the developers, providing in-depth analysis and solutions. From deprecations to bundled extensions, it has covered all the major PHP upgrades and latest version changes in detail.

Software Engineering Radio

se radio
Software Engineering Radio (formerly known as se-radio) is a coding podcast for professional developers. It focuses on those dev topics which are trending in the industry and conducts interviews with the top devs in the community. Till now, it has published more than 350+ episodes on its official website.

PHP Roundtable

php roundtable
PHP Roundtable is yet another popular coding podcast in the dev community, as it provides quality discussion on major PHP topics. Owned by Sammy K, the podcast is broadcast live on YouTube from Google Hangout on-air and is followed by millions online. The most significant aspect about this PHP podcast is that it involves multiple known PHP faces in a single episode, making it a real group conversation for better tech discussion.

PHP Architect

php arch
Since 2002, PHP Architect is quite a known channel in the community of PHP developers. Now, the platform has started its regular PHP podcasts as well providing quality tech related shows and interviews with known PHP experts. From Elasticsearch to Xdebug, Generics to Prototyping and others, PHP Architect broadcasts detailed episodes on all major PHP topics providing quality learning resource to the developers.

Laravel News

laravel news

Laravel News is one of the most popular sources of Laravel-related updates for the developers. Apart from its blog, the platform’s official web development podcast is also hugely followed by some of the best PHP development companies and Laravel developers. It provides detailed online discussions on trending Laravel topics and offers great learning resource for the beginners. It has recently covered Laravel’s top yearly conference LARACON 2019 in detail, providing all the event happenings live on its official website.

Voice of the elePHPant


Another top web development podcast with thousands of subscribers, Voice of elePHPant is a perfect source to know all about the latest happenings in the PHP world. The platform was founded by Carl Evans, with an aim to educate the PHP dev community about the cores of the language. The platform conducts regular chat sessions with some of the top PHP influencers, sharing their views on the latest tech developments and upgrades in the language.

No BS Engineering

bs engineering
No BS Engineering is not just a technical podcasting channel, but is also a knowledge hub for beginners to intermediate level developers. It is relatively a new podcasting channel, but has already started getting huge followership in the community. Its main emphasis is to give honest and right career advice to the people who are looking to move forward in the dev field, providing them true insights about what to do and how to do to accelerate quickly.

devmode podcast
If you want to stay in touch with the latest tools and technologies in the development market, follow the devMode podcast to know all the newest updates in the tech field. It is a bi-weekly coding podcast that focuses on discussing new languages, optimization tips and other techniques to educate the ever-growing community of developers. It is about to complete its first 50 episodes on the website, and is expected to produce more engaging web development podcasts in the coming days.

Coding Blocks

coding blocks podcast
Coding Blocks is also one of the best programming podcasts in the market, as it offers specialized episodes on different dev topics like debugging, prototyping, elasticsearch and others. The channel was founded by three dev enthusiasts, Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw. The podcast is a fine source for getting regular updates about the latest tech developments, and having interactive sessions with the top PHP influencers.

Coder Radio

code radio programming podcast
Coder Radio organizes a weekly podcast that lets developers know about the trending tech topics of the dev field. The channel is widely followed by the developers, and it has thousands of subscribers and listeners who regularly tune up to it to know more about the major PHP issues. Till now, the channel has published more than 500 podcasts, covering an array of major PHP topics.

Code Pen

codepen web development podcast
Whether you want to know about database vulnerability or code debugging, CodePen is one of the best programming podcasts to tune in and listen to some of the top dev minds in the industry. The podcasts hosted here are detailed and dev-oriented, as they focus on core issues and provides answers with the best possible solutions. Apart from podcasts, the platform also offers an online code editor which is easily accessible via simple signup process.

Boag World

Founded by Paul Boag, Boag World gives you insightful podcasts covering range of dev topics and discussions. The podcast goes live every Thursday, in which Paul Boag and his co-host Marcus Lillington are joined by different experts of the industry to discuss most talked about issues facing devs. The sessions, as regarded by the listeners, are highly informative and worth listening to, to get in-depth knowledge of the tech field.


PHPUgly discusses all that you want to know about. From visual studio tips and tricks to latest Laravel upgrades, the podcast covers different areas of development offering complete analysis and reports. With hundreds of already published podcasts, the channel is continuously growing with more and more listeners joining the sessions. It’s a real one-stop talk show if you want to learn handy dev resources with some flavor of fun.

Full Stack Radio

fullstack radio
Hosted by Adam Wathan, Full stack radio offers informative podcasts that help developers know about the major dev technologies. Whether it is related to system administration or about unit testing, Adam Wathan digs deep with his guests on all tech subjects. Witnessing podcast’s huge surge in traffic, the channel is also sponsored from known cloud companies i.e. Cloudinary and DigitalOcean.


The podcast that comes with a difference – ChangeLog is a popular source of interactive Q&A sessions with industry leading software minds and tech influencers. Moreover, it also conducts constructive podcasts on hacking and its insightful tricks. That is why this channel attracts huge source of traffic, as its covers ranging tech domains with a flare of difference and fun.

That Podcast

that podcast
If you want to listen to a session that offers resourceful tech learning as well as fun, do opt for “ That Podcast ”. It was started by two tech professionals, Beau Simensen and Dave Marshall, who love to talk about interactive dev topics and provide handy, knowledgeable resources to the newbie developers. The podcast includes not only core dev topics, but also covers some spontaneous interactions with some of the known industry influencers.

PHP Town Hall

php town hall
If you are a framework geek who loves to stay updated about the latest news of Laravel, Symfony, Zend and others, PHP Town Hall’s podcasts are for you. The channel offers some really engaging insights of market’s best PHP frameworks. The sessions are co-hosted by Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds, joined regularly by some of the well-known professionals of the PHP industry to discuss latest developments.

The Laravel Podcast

laravel podcast
Made specifically for the Laravel lovers, The Laravel Podcast is the finest weekly show to know all about the trending framework news. The podcast is hosted by some of the top names in the Laravel circuit, including Taylor Otwell, Matt Stauffer, Jeffrey Way and others. Most of the podcast sessions are interview-based in which they discuss ways of advancement in Laravel, the journey and what more to expect from the framework in the near future.

Code Winds

code wind
Code Winds is yet another one of the best programming podcasts in the dev market. It conducts regular podcast sessions on major frontend languages including React.js, Node.js, HTML5 and others. The podcast was started by Jeff Barczewski, who himself loves to talk on frontend languages and its major functions. The podcast emphasizes on conducting interactive sessions with different people who can share their knowledge about the frontend dev field and the futuristic changes to roll out.

The Ship Show

Talking mostly about the DevOps, The Ship Show is a popular podcast platform where people engage more in the discussion about ongoing DevOps advancement. It is one of the fastest growing domains in the dev field, and people like to talk about it. Hence, this podcast covers the journey of DevOps, the ongoing happenings in it, and much more which a dev enthusiast loves to listen.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

eat sleep
Being rated as the #1 podcast on official Apple Podcasts portal, Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a fine source to listen to about how to manage work ethics and culture. The podcast is owned by Bruce Daisley, who regularly interviews different psychologists, neuroscientists and other professionals about their workplace principles. As reviewed by subscribers to the podcast, the sessions are highly interactive and give rightful insights about how to manage the professional and social working ethics in any industry, accurately.

Exponential View

If you want to know about the current developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), tune into this Harvard Business Review’s official Exponential View podcast. Hosted by one of the top entrepreneurs in the UK, Azeem Azhar, the channel covers all the important AI related stuff in its detailed podcast session. The session is also one worth to tune into, because it includes some of the biggest names of Harvard in its interviews, which helps listeners know about what these influencers think about AI and where do they predict it to go.


emma gannon
With more than five million listeners all over the world, CTRL ALT DELETE is a popular podcast hosted by Emma Gannon . She is quite a known influencer in the UK’s tech industry, having her name in almost every big publication of the country. In her weekly podcasts, she talks about business goals and how to achieve them, gives a materialistic overview of the current market so that millennials can understand it better. She is frequently joined by other industry experts who share their views on the trending market position.

The Web Ahead

web ahead
As the name suggests, The Web Ahead focuses on the futuristic technologies and talks about their implications in the world. It is really a one-stop show for all those individuals who want to know the latest happenings in the tech world. Hosted by Jen Simmons, who is another industry expert, the podcast covers all topics, ranging from web designing to development and more. Moreover, she is regularly joined by various tech experts in her podcast, who express their thoughts and opinions on the latest tech development in the world.


ctrl click cast
CTRL CLICK CAST is a podcast purely made for professional devs. It covers diverse topics on development, and provides a brief overview of the latest happenings in the tech market. From designing to content management systems and migration to application maintenance, the podcast focuses on all major areas of dev industry, providing its in-depth analysis and views from the leading dev influencers.

Bits and Trees

bits trees
Bits and Trees hosts the podcasts that are specially made for the developers. It covers all the latest stuff related to dev market and presents core insights of the major dev technologies. The sessions are quite detailed, as it discusses all the major areas of top backend / frontend languages. Joined by various dev professionals, the podcast offers a range of opinions on numerous topics, providing its listeners a complete overview of all.

Final Words

This sums up our list of top podcast channels in the dev industry. All of these sources are quite popular, as they conduct detailed sessions on different dev topics, accompanied by some top dev professionals. Listening to these coding podcasts will let you know more about the latest happenings in the tech field and will enhance your skills to compete with the best in the industry.
If you know some more podcast channels that are worth mentioning here on this list, feel free to write them down in the comments section below.