Best PHP Booking Systems For Online Reservation Apps in 2020

Best PHP Booking Systems For Online Reservation Apps in 2020

PHP powers several frameworks and CMS solutions, that is why is one of the most used languages in the world. From mid-level websites to enterprise-level apps, the language provides great coding functionalities to develop all sorts of advanced applications.
The online booking system is one of the finest examples of how PHP powers different industries to facilitate the users and organizations alike. The language facilitates swift integration of several external libraries and tools, making it easy for the developers to build any sort of online PHP booking system with desired functionalities.
Building an online booking system requires thorough technical knowledge, but is still not that hard as it looks, thanks to the pre-built PHP Booking Scripts!
There are many custom PHP booking scripts available in the market, making the developers’ job easier than ever. Using these scripts, anyone can integrate a fully functional online booking system into their application within minutes, and can also customize it later to cater the emerging needs of the project.
This blog provides a brief account of some of the most commonly used online PHP booking scripts and their great inbuilt features. It enlists all those top PHP scripts that allow developers to build all sorts of online PHP booking systems with ease. Let’s have a look at them below:

Top PHP Booking Systems You Can Use

Hotel Booking System

To facilitate the administrator, this online PHP reservation system provides great built-in features to manage the daily hotel bookings effortlessly. It provides a powerful online booking platform where you can easily manage users room booking, hotel promos/vouchers etc. It is powered by  PHP and MySQL, which makes it quite easy to integrate into projects in just a few steps.
It offers a mobile-friendly design that is compatible with any device or screen and provides multiple languages to facilitate a diverse class of customers. Moreover, it also provides a clear call-to-action tool that you can use with impactful messages to increase your conversions and bookings

Restaurant Booking System

This is a very handy online PHP reservation system developed to give ease to the users to book tables/halls in a restaurant. It is a self-service booking system that enables people to easily book tables through the website, and pay advanced bills for reservation if required. It is very easy to use and customizable, hence developers love using it in their web projects.
Using the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, manage tables’ availability, the pre-order menu for the dinner/lunch etc. It also provides timely email and SMS notification feature to keep you updated about the upcoming reservations and order bookings

Car Booking System

It is an advanced online car booking system made to simplify daily rental car problems. Using the script, you can easily integrate a fully-functional car booking system in your application that helps users  book, manage and specify car inventories. The open source PHP booking system helps you to notify your users about the available cars for reservation and their booking dates. It offers a push notification feature that enables website owners to send timely and personalized SMS/email notification to customers, letting them know about their bookings and pending payments.
It also provides a responsive design that makes it easy to access in all types of devices. Moreover, it is developed with lightweight scripting to facilitate its integration into all types of applications

Event Booking Calendar

Event Booking Calendar lets you organize upcoming events and important meetings with ease. It helps your online visitors to register for the upcoming classes, trainings, conferences etc.  through the website, and provides them viable information about any change in dates or venues. The system is built with a simple and easy-to-understand interface, that lets administrators precisely set dates, manage agendas, specify speakers and edit more actions.
The booking system displays all the upcoming events in a default calendar view, in which admins have the option to choose from 10 color schemes. Using the system, you can create different tickets and their pricing, to facilitate your users more if they want to attend any sponsored event

Rental Property Booking Calendar

Integrate this rental property booking system into your application and experience the ease of property reservation in clicks. It is an advanced booking system that is specially developed for the rental estate owners, to allow them to easily manage the dates, venues, and customers in the trending holiday seasons. Using the online system, users can effortlessly book apartments, rooms etc.  on their fingertips, and can also get notifications about the latest offers and promotions.
The booking calendar allows clients to process their payments both online and offline and also enables administrators to manage the reservations, generate invoices, coupons and more from the dashboard. The system also provides unique calendar views with four different layouts (1, 3, 6 and 12-month views) to keep the users updated about the available reservations.

Bus Reservation System

Using the bus reservation system, administrators can easily automate the online ticketing system on their applications. The system allows users to book their bus tickets online on any route, timing, and destination. With the complete list of passengers, the reservation system helps you to keep track of all your customers and their payments, allowing you to manage all the inventories with ease.
The online reservation system provides several interactive features including seat availability, route scheduling, road maps, etc. Moreover, you can create hotspots or pickup locations using the online system, to let your customers know better about the bus arrival and departure.

Online Appointment System

It is an online appointment system that can be used for a vast range of services. The appointment system lets your customers book online appointments swiftly, analyzing the available dates and people to meet. The script is vastly used for online doctor’s appointment, as it gives ease to both the customer and doctors to know about their coming meeting and its agenda.
As an administrator, you have the power to accept/reject the proposed appointment, and can also change its dates to the most suitable one. It has a user-friendly interface and easy code structure, which makes it pretty handy to integrate into PHP projects.

Traveling Booking System

To manage your traveling business effectively, integrate this travel agency management system into your application and experience the fast & effortless way to manage all the customer bookings. It is a responsive and user-friendly system that allows your customers to check available destinations and packages from the ease of their homes. It is one of the best ways to engage more customers in the holiday season, as it provides an advanced, hassle-free way to interact with your customers and provide them offers for the trending vacation places. 
This system is built on CodeIgniter with strong security protocols that help you protect your application from SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, and other malicious attacks. It provides a simple interface that even a non-technical person can use it for his traveling purposes.

Movie Tickets Booking System

With movie ticket booking system, you can easily allow your customers to book cinema tickets online. It is a lightweight and developer-friendly script, powered by PHP/MySQL with an interactive frontend interface. Using the reservation system, you can create an unlimited number of events, theatre performances, movie schedules and more. 
It enables you to list the movies that are currently playing, and which are scheduled next to play. It has a responsive template that supports all devices and is quite user-friendly. Moreover, it provides users a little synopsis of the movie which they intend to watch, giving users a unique, engaging experience.

Taxi Booking Script

The taxi booking script lets your customers easily book taxis from your website, providing all the details about pick up and drop-off locations. Using the dashboard, you can manage your cab booking business effortlessly, as it provides a simple and interactive backend where you can list and schedule all the cab inventories. 
The system provides a strong backend protected with password-secured access and provides email/SMS notifications as well to both admins and clients. You can also set the customized prices or price per person using the system, to effectively handle all the payments based on users niche and taxi operational areas.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of this article, which highlighted some of the most commonly used PHP booking scripts in the market. Being a developer, it is your priority to build an application that fulfills all the required features of the client(s), especially if it is a commercial PHP booking system. Using these scripts, you can not only build the required application in time, but can also reduce your workload to focus on other important tasks.

If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to post them below in the comments section.